The Church library is available for anyone and is located iin the store room at the end of the toilet corridor on the right. Please sign for anything you borrow and leave your contact details, signing them back in on return.

The library includes a wide range of publications including devotional guides, commentaries, biographies, testimonies, books on family life, health, drugs and other issues. Some of the books will be a great encouragement, others will aid serious study, or help you find out more about a subject or issue of interest.

If there is a book that you've really enjoyed and you think others will appreciate it, why not write a short review saying what it was that encouraged or helped you; give it to Chris and we can include it on this section of the website.

Children's Library

The children's library is designed to serve a number of purposes. It is intended for children and for parents (or aunties, uncles, grandparents etc!)

First and foremost we want to encourage children to enjoy the Christian faith through reading, either themselves or with their parents. Please feel free to borrow books and sign them out in exactly the same way as you do from the adult library.

If you are a parent of young children, you may wish to borrow a book or two during the service to help keep your child occupied if they are a bit restless.

If you are helping with Sunday Club you may want to utilise the children's library when you are preparing activities for a Sunday morning.

Teaching and Study Materials

As a church we have a growing number of study materials, some with study guides and accompanying CDs or DVDs. If you are interested in borrowing any of these resources, speak to Chris.