Essence is a ministry especially for women. The Essence team arrange regular events for women; these are for women of the wider community as well as the women from the church so look out for information posted around the region and on this page. It is stressed that you do not need to be a church goer or hold any particular beliefs in order to come along. 

Forthcoming Events 

Look out for our next events soon
For more information email Gill at address below

There will be more information soon about future events.

To book: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Essence was started by Gill Broadfoot who, when it first started, commented:

"God's timing is always perfect and I believe He inspired me and gave me the passion I needed to branch out and set up a ministry for women with the aim of supporting, encouraging and helping each other. My vision is that women will come together and through that will spend time with each other. There will be informal times, times of teaching, fun times, more formal gatherings and anything else that God leads us to."

Gill adds that the name 'Essence' was "God-given", and explains,
"The word brings to mind perfume or fragrance that permeates the surrounding area, in the Bible perfume was used to annoint Jesus and I was left thinking of the fragrance that must have filled the room where He was, in the same way I hope that we will reflect the fragrance of Jesus as we come together."

For more information, please speak to Gill or the other Essence team member; Alison Barratt