Our Mission Partners

Light of the Gospel Ministries

Sasha and Sara Vitakic are our mission partners in Serbia. They are based in Kraljevo in central Serbia and founded Light of the Gospel Ministries with a vision to reach central Serbia for Christ. We are committed to partnering them in mission through prayer and financial support.

We hope that this relationship will strengthen and be of mutual benefit as we encourage each other's ministries here in South West Scotland and in Central Serbia.  

Aleksandar (Sasha) and Sara went to the Assemblies of God Bible College at Mattersey Hall, the same college that Chris studied via distance learning. This is where they met and they were married in 1995 in Serbia, Sasha’s home nation.

God has given them a great vision to reach the whole of central Serbia with the Gospel through evangelism, church planting, discipleship and leadership training. After finishing at Mattersey, Sasha and Sara were working in Sasha’s father’s church in Kragujevac. Sasha was Assistant Pastor and they were involved in teaching, preaching, worship, youth work and children’s work. Then, in 1997, with clear guidance from the Lord they moved to Kraljevo, a city of 150,000 people.

They started evangelism in Kraljevo by making contacts and personal evangelism then through mass evangelism using the film ‘Jesus’ and follow up teaching in the main hall in the city centre.

Just as our church began as a group of people meeting in a house, their first meetings started in their living room in 1998. Then, in 2000, the same year that our church was started, they moved to a rented hall in the city centre. Since then, the church has grown even more and the hall they are renting is too small and they can’t effectively grow. They have around 70 people coming regularly and the hall can seat just 30 people. Most services are over-flowing with many people standing and often numbers increase up to 90-100 people coming to the church. They are currently working on a project to have a bigger hall and their own church building.

They also have a children’s work and in their kids church they have around 80-90 children coming regularly.

In January 2010 Sasha and Sara planted a new church in Chachak, city of 130,000 people. They now have 20 people regularly coming, 15 already baptised in water. The new believers there also come from three other towns – Uzice, Priboj and Novo Varosh.

Through 'Light of the Gospel Ministries' Sasha and Sara are shining the light of Jesus in a region with no other evangelical witness.

Sasha and Sara have visisted us several times, most recently in summer, 2017 when they spoke at a social evening as part of our Holiday Club.  Pastor Chris and Alison visited them in Kraljevo for the first time in October 2017.