About Us
Welcome to our church. We are a group of Christian believers who meet every Sunday in Gatehouse of Fleet Community Centre.

We are a Christian Church and believe in one God who has revealed Himself through His Son Jesus.  We trust that believing in Him and putting our faith in Him is the only way people can be reconciled with God. 

We are a Community Church located in the heart of the community with a heart to serve and add value to our community in Jesus’ name.

We are a Vibrant and Welcoming Church and, although our services are less formal than in  more traditional churches, we are serious about seeking and listening to God.

We are a Bible-believing Church and accept the Bible as God’s Word and therefore our final authority in all matters of life and faith.  Our teaching involves looking at the Bible and its relevance to modern-day living. 

We are an Evangelical Church and want to make known to as many people as possible the good news of salvation through Jesus.

We are a Pentecostal Church and believe that God’s Holy Spirit draws us to Jesus and gives us new life in Him.   We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as described in the New Testament, are present-day gifts which empower and equip us for life and service and enable each of us, bit-by-bit, to become more like Jesus.

We are an Independent Church which is a member of a worldwide movement of churches known as the Assemblies of God.